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Email Marketing v2?

BC Admin

Today we put the final touches on our new revamped email marketing reporting framework  which we will be adding to Business Catalyst. To give some background, email marketing has been a part of our plaform for a few years now and the reporting is definitely due for a facelift. But in that time we've launched our Goals Framework which acts like a brain for all Business Catalyst customers. The new reporting framework will provide customers with information previously near impossible or too time consuming to collect. Email marketing is a commodity and you can expect reports such as: open rates, bounces, popular links, subscriptions and unsubscriptions from almost any provider. Now imagine without having to add a single line of code to your Business Catalyst website, you get stats like:

Of those who opened the email:

  • 10% bought product x, 22% bought product y
  • 23% filled in your "December Sales Enquiry Form"
  • 5% subscribed to your other monthly newsletter
  • 22% made a comment on your blog
  • Average sale price via the online shop was $344
  • and the list goes on..

I'm pretty excited about this improvement and what it'll mean for our customers and partners. I know it'll turn the email marketing game upside down!