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Email Marketing v2 continued..

BC Admin

Back in July I wrote about a major enhancement we were making to Business Catalyst's Email Marketing feature. With the new release now entrenched in BC and being used on a daily basis by our customers, I wanted to highlight what this really means for a business owner. If you are a newbie or even a veteran in the email marketing space, you'll know that the only metrics available to you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns are things like: how many people received your newsletter, how many opened it, which links where clicked on and so forth. Our new approach goes beyond open rates and bounces and measures customer actions. Actions are those things that customers do on your website that have a bottom-line impact, e.g. customer purchased $200 from your online shop (as a result of your email newsletter), or customer booked into your upcoming event (as a result of your email newsletter) and so forth.

Below is a campaign we sent out to a segment of our customer base at the beginning of September. The results are both fascinating and demonstrative of how clearly we are able to measure the effectiveness of our campaign.

After we sent this campaign we filled 12 out of the 14 spots of an online training course we are holding, and we received a number of other enquiries on other matters. The results speak for themselves. Campaign successful! I certainly believe this heralds a new era in email marketing.