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New BC interface coming soon

How exciting! A new look and feel for the interface...  it was definitely due for an update. Here's the official announcement:

"It's been in the works for a while now, but we're getting ready to start unveiling BC's new look! We started on this project at the beginning of the year, aiming to:
  • Increase user friendliness
  • Make the interface more intuitive and faster to navigate
  • Update to a more modern look and feel
After much consultation and consideration we've come up with a new interface that achieves the goals above while respecting the workflow of current users. In fact, we think all the expert users will love the changes too! In the next few weeks or so we'll start giving you a sneak peek..."

I've seen some initial mock ups and the new interface looks really sweet. The work flow remains largely the same, but the new interface should both save time and be easier for new users to pick up.

Soon I'll post a picture!

Until then...