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New Datacenter, a Sneak Peek of InContext Editing and an Update on BC

Looking back it's been some time between updates from the Product Management team at BC. In that time our team has been working overtime with some great features to unveil soon. We've also experienced some unexpected snags including our new North American data center which is delayed from our scheduled March release to the first week of April. So what's new at BC?

New Data Center is Coming Online

Last Monday Business Catalyst reached an important milestone! Our new Adobe North American data center went online and after another week and a half of testing we anticipate it will be open for business to accept new sites.

What this means for you is starting from 2nd week of April, all new sites created in North America will be hosted on the new data center giving even better performance to meet your and your clients' needs. We also have new European and Asia-Pacific data centers coming online within the next 2 months.

InContext Editing Sneak Peek

InContext Editing Screenshot

In other exciting news, we're giving you a sneak peek of a new feature called InContext Editing. InContext Editing will eventually replace Sitewalk as the tool for giving your clients an intuitive WYSIWYG content editing experience.

To access the *pre-production version of InContext editing on any of your sites just replace '/admin/frameset.aspx' with '/admin/editing.aspx' in the address bar when you are logged in to the Admin Console for that site.

Business Catalyst is planning to formally release InContext Editing into public beta in the first week of April. We hope you enjoy your first look at InContext Editing and we're looking forward to your feedback.

*One known issue in pre-production: Empty tags are not being closed correctly e.g <br>  is being published instead of  <br /> - this will be fixed next week. The current pre-production version is not supported and should not be used for editing and saving content - it is meant as a preview for new functionality only.

New Knowledgebase to replace the Online Business Wiki

Although the trusty Online Business Wiki has served our community well as a source information on all things BC, we will be replacing it in the first week of April with a brand new Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase will come with much improved search functionality and navigation to help you find what you need. We've migrated all the Online Business Wiki articles across and added a slew of new ones as well.

As an added bonus the new Knowledgebase will be contained entirely within the Support Central window so Premium Partners won't have to worry about rebranding issue that arose when they directed their clients to the Online Business Wiki.

A Preview of What's Coming in April

Unfortunately a couple of features promised for March are running behind schedule because of issues uncovered during the last stages of testing. These will be released towards the end of April. I want to share with you what happened, both features were in their advanced stages of implementation as you can see by their screen shots.

  • DNS Management Tools has been delayed because we want to enhance the workflow for allowing users to redirect www domains to non-www domains before releasing to the public. The final version will allow you to add A, CNAME, MX and advanced DNS records as well as give you the ability to do domain redirects to domains hosted on BC.
  • Automated Client Billing System for Premium Partners has also been pushed to the end of April.

More Regular Communication from BC

Last but not least while it's been hard during these initial months to predict (and consequently promise) when features are going to be released to the public, I'm going to keep everyone updated on what is happening more regularly. My next post will be on the high-level focus areas for the BC development team over the next 6 months. We've had some exciting discussions here and I aim to share that with you. Thanks everyone for your continued understanding and patience as we continue through this transition period.