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SEO, SEO and why it's important to you

BC Admin

Business owners are becoming technically more savvy nowadays. That's great to see. One of the questions we constantly receive from our customers is around SEO, e.g. "is your system search engine friendly?". This is a valid and important question, and one that every person should be asking before investing in a potential online system.

Over the years we've made a significant investment in ensuring our system is SEO friendly and I felt it'd be worthwhile to recap where we are at.

Maximum Visibility in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft
We produce the sitemap.xml file for your site each day. Unlike most feeds, the feed we create for your site is encompassing of your web pages, every product in your online shop, references to your forum topics, blog posts and more. This ensures your content gets maximum visibility in the leading search engines. You may want to familiarize yourself with this file and its benefits via the Google Webmaster tools

Friendly URLs
This system produces friendly URLs for your website, blogs and online shop catalogues and products. This approach means your URLs are much more human friendly and contain rich, relevant keywords that the search engines love.

Here's a typical system-generated (unfriendly) URL:

Here's a typical search engine friendly URL:

Manual 301 Redirects
Often you may want to retire one web page and start a fresh version. If the old page has high PageRank, then the only way to preserve the PageRank is to use the search engine friendly method of a 301 Redirect to automatically navigate visitors accessing the old page to the new. Now you can on a per web page basis setup a 301 Redirect to any other web page.

System Redirects
In general any form of redirect on a customer website should use a 301 Redirect to ensure PageRank is not compromised. Every single system redirect in this system uses a 301 Redirect. This is what the search engines love! You may want to use this tools to verify any redirect to see if it is using a 301 Permanent Redirect or the non-search engine friendly method of 302 Temporary Redirect

As you can see we've been busy but we know our efforts around SEO can never be finished, it's an evolving world and one that we are totally committed to.