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Valentine's Day Update

It's a long weekend here in the US and it's somewhat timely. My already busy schedule was maxed out during the last week as two of our remote engineering teams visited San Francisco. We talked, planned, and brainstormed everything Business Catalyst. It was exciting - I felt a new heightened vigor around the next chapter of Business Catalyst.

What I found really refreshing was the caliber of people that I now work with. These are not just the best of the best, but I'm surrounded by people with strong entrepreneurial traits that radiate urgency in what they do. In a competitive environment like today, that's the type of team we need to build the best online business platform for your customers.

We're nearing the 6-months mark of Adobe's acquisition of Business Catalyst. It's fair to say that these initial months have had their share of challenges. We could have handled some of the obstacles better, but looking back now, integrating one business into another is implicitly a difficult task. I do feel that we’re now settled at Adobe, not only personally, but I feel we’ve now integrated into the greater organization and starting to see the benefits roll in.

This week I also received some firm dates from Adobe IT on the go live date of our new Adobe North American data center. At this stage we’re planning to go live at the end of February. Adobe’s European data center should go live in March and Australia in April. The level of investment in these data centers for Business Catalyst is significant and will provide the foundation we need to remain successful as we ramp up our operations.

I’ll provide more updates on the new data centers shortly. I also can’t wait to share some of our plans on how we will evolve our vision of Online Businesses, Not Websites.

In the mean time Happy Valentine’s day!