Customer Service Ticketing: More granular availability options

    If you are using the Customer Service Ticketing feature inside your business, now your customer service representatives have access to more granular control around when they receive customer cases. Previously a customer service rep would either be available or not available to receive customer cases. However now, a customer service rep can make themselves unavailable but still receive replies to existing cases assigned to them. This is useful in the case of a manager who may handle escalated cases and wants to continue to receive further communication on that case, but does not wish to receive new customer cases.

    301 Redirect: New management interface now available

    We've released a new management interface inside the Administration area for your 301 Redirects. Previously you could only manage these using an import tool. Now you can see a list of your redirects and easily make changes to these.

    To access this new feature click on Website->Web Pages and choose 'Manage URL Redirects' via the Action Box.

    Store Locator/Google Maps: Zip codes added for Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, France, and Spain

    As part of our enhancement to Web Apps back in Apr 2009, our Store Locator functionality now has full support for addresses in Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, France and Spain to the system. Click here to learn more about this functionality.

    Enhanced FTP: Now access site-wide templates & layouts

    Have you noticed anything new when using FTP? To date you were able to update web pages and other assets such as images, scripts, css files and so forth. Now you'll notice the addition of 2 new folders called Templates and Layouts. Using FTP you can now add, update or delete Site-Wide templates. You can also download and make changes to any of your module layouts.

    To see these changes simply connect to your website using FTP and look out for these 2 new folders.

    My Account page now available

    We've just released a new 'My Accounts' page in the Administration area. You can now view a list of past invoices for your site, email them to yourself, update credit card details and more. Please note in some circumstances this information is not available and you will need to contact your system administrator.

    To access this page click on Home->My Accounts.

    WebPay payment gateway

    We've recently added the WebPay Payment Gateway. To learn more about the list of available gateways please click here. You can use this gateway by going to eCommerce->Payment Gateways.

    Gift Voucher accounting workflow change

    Please note that gift vouchers will no longer be reported as revenue at the time of issue to help site owners comply with tax/audit rules.  Income derived from gift voucher sales will only be reported at the time of redemption.

    Happy Holidays

    From all of us here we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous and successful 2010!

    SagePay recurring billing enabled

    We've recently added capabilities to our SagePay integration to allow secure recurring billing otherwise known as Continuous Authority transactions with Mastercard and Visa cards. Customers in the UK will benefit from this if using one of the following banks:
    • Lloyds TSB Cardnet
    • Barclaycard Merchant Services
    • Bank of Scotland
    • HSBC
    • Streamline
    • Elavon (Bank of Ireland & Alliance and Leicester Merchant Acquirer)
    • Allied Irish Bank

    We've introduced Paypal 3D

    This is a security feature which ensures that payments using certain credit and debit cards are authenticated by the cardholder's bank at the time of the transaction - read more at the Paypal website. Online merchants using Paypal 3D will be able to protect themselves from chargebacks and login to Cardinal Commerce to track the transactions customers have made in your online store. Reports offered include authentication activity, payment activity, notification activity and batch activity as well. Track the enrollment status, authentication status and the signature status for each credit card purchase made.

    If your gateway is PayPal Websites Payments Pro and your site is based on UK then this applies to you. You MUST have an account with Cardinal before January 21st if you want to be able to process Maestro cards on your site.

What is Business Catalyst?

BC is a hosted application for building and managing online businesses. Using our unified platform and without back-end coding, you can build everything from amazing websites to powerful online stores, beautiful brochure-ware sites to lead generation mini-sites.

Online Businesses, Not Websites

BC is the first platform built for Online Businesses. By replacing 5+ essential business tools with one integrated platform, you can build exactly what your clients need - without programming and faster than ever. BC makes you feel like a ninja, without needing to train for decades.

Why use Business Catalyst?

Online Businesses, Not Websites.

Gone are the days of building simple websites. Clients are demanding more functionality and better results from their websites. They want a website with business functionality that fulfills business goals. They want an Online Business, and that's BC's specialty - in fact, Online Businesses have been our vision since 2004.

Goodbye Coding Costs. Hello Higher Profits.

Say goodbye to manually integrating multiple systems or installing tens of plug-ins to suit a single client. Using our all-in-one system you can build powerful Online Businesses, slash development time and streamline your workflow, saving you a whole lot of money and a whole lot of stress.

Build Beautiful Sites, Your Way.

Many systems have complicated or restrictive theme systems to learn if you want to customize a site. With Business Catalyst, we've turned that on its head - you design what you like in HTML and CSS, and then insert our modules into your design.

Plans Your Clients can Grow Into.

Sometimes clients just want to start with something basic. With BC, you can start them off on a basic web hosting plan... and then upgrade them at any time into a complete Online Business solution. Seamlessly. BC is the one platform you need, from basic sites through to those big jobs that you can really sink your teeth into.

90% of Partners Surveyed: BC Meets All the Needs of Their Clients.

In a recent Partner satisfaction survey, 90% of Partners who build Online Businesses with Business Catalyst say that the platform meets all the needs of most of the projects they do. By consolidating their clients on a single platform, they can reduce support and training costs and reduce implementation time.

Professional Infrastructure, Zero Maintenance.

No more headaches about uptime, server updates or installing the latest patches - our expert team of superhero nerds will take care of that. Because we're fully hosted and managed, you and your customers get all updates to our system automatically.

AU Pricing Schedule (289kb)
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Partner Stories

  • "An easy to use, feature rich content management system like BC will give you the power to grow your website, affordably and seamlessly... BC ticked all the boxes, and continues to tick them." Read more

    Joi Murugavell
    Joi Design

  • "There is no doubt the platform has reduced our deployment time and resource requirements up to 30%." Read more

    Russell Bullen
    Online Marketing Collective

  • "Business Catalyst has allowed us to drastically reduce our sales cycle by nearly 100%, to within only 2 or 3 conversations, instead of 2 or 3 months." Read more

    Gary Glass
    Viziun Media

  • "BC has allowed us to slash our development time and cost by over 50%" Read more

    Michael Damian
    Spitfire (MDX Interactive)

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