About us

Business Catalyst is a team of business wizards, code ninjas and designers with skills straight out of a Marvel comic. And we're on a mission. It's a mission about Online Businesses, not Websites. It's a mission about giving web designers the tools and skills to build what their clients are asking them to build. It's a mission about making technology that helps business owners succeed in today's challenging business environment.

The Mission - Online Businesses, Not Websites

Websites are soooo 1997. The vast majority of websites on the web (excluding, of course, the more notorious kind) are business websites. Let's examine that term - business websites. Websites built for the purpose of generating or assisting businesses. Business websites have common attributes - they often have business related goals; they often have contact forms and other methods to capture sales inquiries; they might sell products; they often contain product and service information and so on and so on.

It's these common attributes that show us why taking a "website" mindset is so wrong. A website is just some pages in a browser. An Online Business, however, has business goals - marketing, sales, customer service and so on.

We believe that Online Businesses are what 99% of your clients are looking for. We believed back in 2004 that a website mindset is unproductive and unhelpful, and we still believe it now.

BC is a platform built for Online Businesses - with business goals and business tools and business.. well, everything. It's also a platform designed to help you, as a web professional, to build Online Businesses. So you can see - we're pretty serious about this Online Business thing. That's why it's our mission to help you build Online Businesses, not Websites.

The BC Story

The BC story starts in 2004, in Sydney, Australia, with two experienced technology entrepreneurs - Bardia Housman and Adam Broadway. After initially bonding over a common love of beer, Bardia and Adam realised they shared another similarity - both were dissatisfied with the lack of serious tools for business owners to grow their business online. So, as most of these stories go, they decided to branch out and build the sort of online business platform they were looking for.

Before long, they were joined by Colin Frost, a whip-crack never-say-die business development manager. He was shortly followed by Brett Welch, programmer-turned-marketing guy who would later also launch the GoodBarry brand. Brett is writing this text right now, and for reasons of modesty cannot adequately blow his own trumpet.

This team of brave adventurers were joined by other intrepid souls, and before long Business Catalyst, powered by hungry adoption by web designers around Australia, started to grow into a serious business with international potential. In 2007 BC launched the GoodBarry brand, a retail exploration which further cemented their market reach.

In 2008 Business Catalyst opened their first international office in San Francisco, USA, to better service their growing Partner base in the US and Europe. It was around this time that BC's platform for web professional's gained the notice of Adobe Systems.

In 2009, Adobe Systems acquired Business Catalyst. Adobe Systems saw BC as a great complement to Adobe's existing products and services and the BC team completely agreed. Now, in 2010, the same BC team that started it all is working harder than ever on making Adobe Business Catalyst the best online business platform for web professionals everywhere.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood BC Team

The BC team, unfortunately, is too big to list in it's entirety on this page. Instead, here's a list of some of our team who you might see on our blog, out and about, or on our forums.

  • Bardia Housman, Director of Product Management

    BC's former CEO continues to manage and direct Business Catalyst's operations within Adobe Systems. Bardia is responsible for the strategic direction of the product and making sure it's still awesome as awesome can be. He likes beer, but not during work hours of course.

  • Adam Broadway, Product Evangelist

    Adam has always enjoyed showing off, and now he continues to show off... the product, that is. Adam is responsible for spreading the Business Catalyst word and showing our product to as many people as he can convince to fit into a room. All he wants for Christmas is a little more hair and a new drum set.

  • Colin Frost, Business Development Manager

    Colin Frost - still the whip-crack never-say-die developer of business-y things. Colin's responsible for reaching out to potential BC Partners and helping them make the decision to become a part of the BC family. He used to be a professional musician, so if he ever calls you, ask for a rendition of "twinkle twinkle" and test him out.

  • Brett Welch, Product Marketing Manager

    Brett continues to craft and broadcast BC's story to whomever will listen. He's responsible for BC's marketing strategy and keeping the look, feel and voice consistent across BC's marketing efforts. He's often accused of carrying the faint scent of cabbage, and hence has few friends.

  • Eddy Chan, Product Manager

    Eddy is BC's intrepid Product Manager, boldly writing software requirements where no requirements have gone before. He's responsible for setting product priorities and achieving the BC vision of Online Businesses, not Websites. On weekends he likes to camp out and capture rare pixies in small jars, which he then sells at the country fair. Very profitable.

  • Matt Nade, Support Manager

    Matt Nade is that endearingly knowledgeable geek that you always wish was sitting in the next cubicle when your website breaks. He manages our team of support engineers so that they at least seem like they are sitting in the next cubicle when your website breaks.