Behind the Scenes

Interesting Facts about the Business Catalyst website

Naturally, Business Catalyst uses our own products to run this website - we use our All-in-One solution to be exact. We thought it'd be interesting and fun for us to show you how Business Catalyst uses the solution to run our online business and help service our customers (you!). Remember that everything we've done here, you can do as well!

Supporting the BC Community

In our Support area we use our Forums feature to help and communicate with our customers.

Keeping it Consistent Throughout Our Website

Throughout our website we use a number of templates to completely standardize and re-use our corporate branding.

Making It Easy to Come to Our Training Sessions

In our support area we use our Booking feature to manage and automate your attendance to our weekly training sessions.

Collecting Business Catalyst Subscribers!

On our home page we have a subscription box that we use as a backup goal to subscribe customers to our newsletters.

Amplifying the Business Catalyst Message

Read our blog on all things Business Catalyst. We also talk about online businesses, and things of interest to web designers and business owners. All powered by Business Catalyst's own blogging software.

Keeping our Finger on the Pulse

Throughout our website we track how you read our content so we can continue to improve it for you.

Managing Your Enquiries, Day by Day the Business Catalyst Way

That rhymes, how nice. Anyway, Whenever you enquire, we append your enquiry to your customer record. We send an SMS and an email to the relevant team member so they can follow-up and provide you with the level of service you have come to expect from us.

Answering your questions before you have to ask us!

Throughout our website we use our FAQs feature to answer your questions before you have to ask us. We know which FAQs are popular with our customers and which are not, so we constantly improve them!

Keeping the World in Tune

We use RSS to syndicate and share our content with you, this includes our company announcements, feature releases and of course our blogs.

Spending Time With Family

We use our Web Apps feature to easily publish our customer testimonials in our main website.

Spending More Time With Family

We also use our Web Apps feature to effortlessly publish various parts of our feature list depending on the plan you choose. We don't have to type these out for each plan! (phew!) This also allows us to centrally manage them.

Spending Even More Time With the Family

When you sign-up we use our recurring billing feature to automate our invoicing and payment collection with you.

Keeping in Touch - On Your Terms

We use our email marketing feature to send regular newsletters to the customers that want to stay in touchdifferent groups, such as our customers and our partners. We also track how you read these.

Building a 1-on-1 Relationship with You

We use our loyalty-based campaigns feature to automate 1-on-1 communication with you around the stuff that matters most.