“Business Catalyst has allowed us to drastically reduce our sales cycle by nearly 100%, to within only 2 or 3 conversations, instead of 2 or 3 months.”

Gary Glass, Viziun Media
Partner since 2009, 17 Sites with BC

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

Using Business Catalyst has reinvented the way that our clients operate their businesses, entirely! There is no other individual system available today that allows for our clients to control every aspect of their business, effortlessly and without the requirement of technical training.

The tools available through the Business Catalyst platform include the most foundational capabilities like a unique Content Management System (CMS) for website and brand management, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for better customer record accuracy, and an eCommerce System to maximize online revenue generation; but it also includes innovative and in-demand tools like an Email Marketing Campaign Engine, Automatic Search Engine submission and optimization (SEO), and even an automated Customer Service (CSR) Ticketing system for improving customer service response times and case management.

Our clients tell us frequently that they love the user friendly design and simplified navigation of Business Catalyst. I love the incredible integrations and individual robustness of all of the historically separate tools found within Business Catalyst! Every client of ours joins us in placing our faith and our businesses in the hands of Business Catalyst.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

In terms of creative online business development with Business Catalyst; if time equals money, and faster, more innovative development equals higher profitability; than Business Catalyst is the Tour De France winning bicycle, and we are the rider! .. and it feels good to be the winner!

Since joining as a Business Catalyst Partner, we have increased our client and development portfolio over 300%. All due to the very simple fact that business owners today want more, without having to do more! More website control, more marketing, more lead generation, more revenue and more reporting, and the ability to spend less money and less time to get it. This has been the exact summary of our history as a partner of Business Catalyst. An incredible “one-stop-shop” web-based system that has catapulted our clients beyond their competition because of what we like to call "an increase in effortless efficiency".

One of the best assets about being a Business Catalyst Partner is their support team. I think that a platform is only as good as the support system in place. In the 8 months that we have been a partner, we have placed over 30 support inquiries. Each support ticket was quickly addressed by some of the most reliable and thorough support members of any business that we have worked with. And even what turned out to be a few complicated issues on my client side, the Business Catalyst Partner Management, our Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support teams all seemed to take a personal interest in helping us resolve the support inquiries. I am a fan, to say the least, and I am certain that you will be too!

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

Each client and project is unique. However, each client has the same unsolved problem; they have a website – not an online business! The difference is vast in both capabilities and results. Taking a traditional website deployment into consideration, many different tools are needed to consider the website a success. This includes generating new website visitors, converting them into a lead, converting them into a paying customer, and probably the most important, retaining them for ongoing revenue generation as a loyal customer.

Traditionally this takes multiple teams of human resources and dozens of hours each month managing multiple 3rd party databases somehow attached to a website, only to import statistics from one – to import into another – only to be incapable of understanding the inconsistent visitor, shopping, sales, marketing and lead analytics. Business Catalyst has solved all of this, in one platform!

With Business Catalyst in our corner, there is nothing that our clients cannot accomplish. And there is nothing that we can't help them accomplish!

On Being a BC Partner…

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

Is everything an answer? The benefits for Resellers and Partners of Business Catalyst are endless, but the most beneficial for us is the without a doubt, the Partner Portal and Rebranding Capability! Being in the driver’s seat of all things related to our clients’ accounts is a benefit that we don’t take lightly. We are granted full visibility into the active trial accounts, expired trials, express creation of new trials, as well as the ability to manage the package level, upgrade or downgrade at will, as well as access to support ticket placement on our clients’ behalf at any time. Of course the generous commissions paid by Business Catalyst for each paid account doesn't hurt either!

Our clients also comment frequently on our branding (our company logo) that we have within our Client’s account and login areas. This gives our clients an instant comfort level with us and confidence in our ability to service them through this platform. I am confident that without this simple, but important benefit, the sales cycle may surely in fact be lengthened.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

I think the decision that we made to become a Business Catalyst is just as important as the decision that we made to launch the business itself. In fact, it was even more critical, because we made the decision solely based on the uniqueness, support and structure of the Business Catalyst system. It was the best decision that we could have made, my family is provided for because of it.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

We are Business Catalyst evangelists; it’s the platform that is almost solely responsible for the success of my company! Without Business Catalyst, the alternative of having to piece multiple platforms together and decipher the benefits to our clients, is simply outside of our clients time and financial budgets.

Business Catalyst has allowed us to drastically reduce our sales cycle by nearly 100%, to within only 2 or 3 conversations, instead of 2 or 3 months. With the training material provided to the Partners, and resources like an endless Online Business Wiki for our clients, the R.O.I. is easy to articulate and easier for our clients to understand!

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…

  • WAY-FM Media Group

    National Radio Station. We chose Business Catalyst for this partner due to its simplicity of design and back-end navigation, as the client is very limited on time and using multiple systems to handle customer records, billing inquiries and lead generation was not an interest. We have provided WAY-FM with a very simple way to educate, entertain, interact and serve their Clients without effort. Because of our initial success with this client, we are being asked to make this a standard business management tool for over 100 independently operated radio stations across North America.

  • The Resume Place

    Resume Writing, Consulting and Career Coaching for the United States Federal Government, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Department of Defense (DoD) and any other employment position currently reporting to the United States Federal Government. The Resume Place was recently honored by the United States Library System with an award for the 4th most checked-out book related to Resume Writing Services.

    Business Catalyst was chosen for this project to increase internal staff, order processing and customer service support case efficiency. Additionally, we designed a custom Member Dashboard around the integrated Secure Zone features to enhance the customer interaction, education and experience with The Resume Place. We are assisting with a transition of these new secure zones to become a monthly paid service for an average of 5,000 users per month, which is anticipated to drive an additional $100,000 per month in effortless revenue, without hiring additional headcount.

  • Foreclosure Dump

    Foreclosure Dump is a unique business concept which marries real-estate inventory browsing with user-generated inventory. The key ability of this website is to introduce those who are interested in high-quality and great value properties, to those properties that are short-selling or in foreclosure. Business Catalyst is a driving force in the successful functionality of this online business. Web Apps control the property inventory population, Secure Zones (paid/non-paid/recurring) provide unique user access to a custom account control panel, and eCommerce with PayPal Payflow Pro integration provides revue generation capabilities that allow the continuation of this unique business. Among many other BC tools in use as well. The success of this online business is based on innovative business development, market-readiness, proper online marketing strategy development and coaching all provided by Viziun Media, and all of the tools available through the great Adobe Business Catalyst platform.

Thank you, Gary! You can find out more about Viziun Media and what their clients had to say about their work at viziun.com