“The core features of Business Catalyst are outstanding and the list of module add-ons is extensive and inexpensive in comparison to other systems. The requirement for custom development is limited as the options included in the system are so well thought out.”

Jill McMahon, Pretty Pollution
Partner since 2006, 42 Sites with BC

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

We LOVE Business Catalyst and so do our clients! Pretty Pollution provides solutions for medium to large sized business and we find BC perfect for their needs. Our focus is website and online marketing that looks fantastic, is feature packed, works easily and is reliable. Our clients brag about the ability to log in and measure the success of their email marketing campaigns. And the detailed reporting helps them track return on their investment.

Pretty Pollutions favorite BC report is the Google Search Phrase report. We utilize that data to further optimize and enhance client websites – they love this extra attention to detail.

They also love ranking on the first page in Google – who doesn’t! So when Pretty Pollution implements websites we ensure extra time and care is invested to make sure websites are built to be search engine friendly. There are lots of techniques that make this happen and the Business Catalyst System is very compliant.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

Pretty Pollution chooses Business Catalyst as our preferred CMS because it caters for the variety of requests our clients have. The core features of Business Catalyst are outstanding and the list of module add-ons is extensive and inexpensive in comparison to other systems. The requirement for custom development is limited as the options included in the system are so well thought out.

That said - some clients request for features can be tricky. Pretty Pollution has specialized in Business Catalyst for over 5 years and as a result we’ve worked the BC system hard. Our developers are BC specialists and have been able to provide some pretty funky solutions that work well and deliver to client expectations.

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

In the mid sized enterprise space - there’s rarely any engagement where Business Catalyst is not appropriate. It provides a complete package of website management, eCommerce, CRM, email marketing, reporting and analytics, without extensive system integration activities.

When clients choose Business Catalyst they get continuous system updates as part of the package. Our early clients who have been hosting with BC for 5 years still get access to the latest features. This Keeps the functionality current and usability relevant to contemporary web practice.

In Pretty Pollution’s experience - once you go BC - you won’t go back!

On Being a BC Partner…

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

There will always be client management duties but the Partner Portal eases the pain of administration, helping keep our site portfolio on track and management tasks up to date!

Partner Connect is great fun too. We love to show off and we love the feedback! Currently 4 of the top 12 websites ranked by “Kudos” are Pretty Pollution websites. Partner feedback lets us know when we are hot and when we could turn up the heat a little.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

Pretty Pollution took a gamble based on a recommendation. We experimented with one website, then two, then three. It’s been a gamble that’s paid off in spades! After 5 years, BC is now intrinsic to the Pretty Pollution offering.

Business Catalyst welcomes our feedback and offers support and suggestions too. It’s definitely a relationship that works both ways.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

Our business is in an intensive growth phase. We have relocated to larger premises, are employing more designers and meeting more clients through word of mouth, referrals and web searches. Great design and fantastic processes are at the heart of what Pretty Pollution offers our clients. We give our clients a great image, backed by successful systems including Business Catalyst.

We partner with our clients, getting to understand how their business works and what their marketing goals are. From a one man band, our business has grown significantly in 5 years. The Business Catalyst solution has contributed to that growth through its reliability and product relevance.

We can’t wait for the next 5 years!

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…

  • Madison Lane

    Pretty Pollution re-designed and implemented the Madison Lane website on Business Catalyst to take advantage of the advanced shopping cart features their on-line store required. The upgrade included some Business Catalyst customization and advanced solutions to provide a seamless experience for the store customer. Some of the cool features Pretty Pollution implemented included:

    • A custom “Enlarge Product Image” solution (as poplets didn’t work hard enough in this situation)
    • A custom “Shop by Brand” option, giving the end user more choice when shopping.
    • Taking meta-data allocated to each shopping cart product and inserting that into the page - leveraging more from search engines and great for improving Google rankings.

    Initially the traffic and conversion rates were slower during the cut-over. However after six months the website is getting more traffic than ever, and more conversions. The Client is now looking to make the website work even harder by investing additional income into targeted online Marketing Strategies with Pretty Pollution.

  • Gallagher Hotel Management

    Pretty Pollution has been a one stop Website, Graphic Design and Marketing solution for Gallagher Hotel Management for two years. We designed and implemented all five of their websites using Business Catalyst. Of particular value to the client is the strategic Email Marketing solution we provide through Business Catalyst.

    By sending frequent, targeted emails to subscribers we are able to ensure constant communication with patrons. Patrons also love their yearly Birthday email wishes.

  • Australian Institute of Export

    Australian Institute of Export moved to Business Catalyst after a .NET website on another system failed to meet expectations. At a loss for what to do they came to Pretty Pollution. The client was cautious, even a little skeptical their advanced requirements could be achieved. The project was signed off and Pretty Pollution implemented the existing designs from scratch then went about providing the answers to their many, and varied requests. The requirements meant we needed to get creative with the BC system.

    The final product was an advanced website that deals with a complex Membership setup, Training/Event Booking and Payment in a very unique way. The client was thrilled and we continue to provide Business Catalyst development.

Thank you, Jill! You can find out more about Pretty Pollution and what their clients had to say about their work at prettypollution.com.au