“If you’re a designer reading this, stop stuffing around trying to find a CMS solution, we’ve looked around for years and you’re not going to find anything as in-depth, well thought out, progressive and affordable. ”

Joi Murugavell, Joi Design
Partner since 2006, 76 Sites with BC

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

Many of our clients have been amazed with the control BC gives them over their websites. It’s a pretty common thing for us to have a prospect call up and say “I don’t know who controls my website, I need to urgently change my contact details but I don’t know how”. Typically, their web designer has either disappeared or we’re talking to a new staff member who hasn’t a clue how to update their website.

Surprisingly, this isn’t just a small business predicament, larger companies are often saddled with websites that haven’t been updated for months because ‘the person in charge’ has left. With BC the success of your website isn’t just based on your initial web designer putting it together.

The success of your website is based on growing it as your business grows, changing your content as your objectives change. An easy to use, feature rich content management system like BC will give you the power to grow your website, affordably and seamlessly.

We’ve built websites that started out with 10 pages and ended up as full eStores blogs, booking systems, galleries, 30 pages, secure areas – big deal? Yeah! because we gave our clients a good brand online, an initial 10 pages with very targeted content and design, but the rest of it? they added in themselves!

Clients do this all on their own by browsing the forums and watching the training videos. That is a big deal, huge in fact, for a small business with a limited budget; to be able to take control of their website, sit down with us, discuss what’s needed inline with their marketing objectives, then execute these ideas online within weeks.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

We’ve been using BC for more than three years now. Before that we were using a system that was never updated and had so many restrictions it was literally making it difficult to offer our clients the same quality in technology that we offered them in design.

As designers, we need loads of freedom. We needed a system that would take anything we threw at it in terms of design and functionality. We’re pretty demanding, many designer are, if you envision something, it's pretty frustrating to have technology dictate whether you can execute it!

In more than 3 years of using BC, I can’t think of a single time when its restricted our designs. Development time is more than halved, so we get to concentrate on what we do best, brand businesses online.

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

When we came across BC, we were amazed by the depth of functionality and forward thinking of the company when it came to keeping up with the times. But I was always wary, as from past experience I knew “good modules and functions” alone does not equal a good CMS system. The things we looked for were:

  1. How often is the system and functions updated?
  2. How good is support?
  3. How flexible is the system?
  4. What’s the company/people behind the system like? It’s important to align yourself with a forward thinking company

BC ticked all the boxes, and continues to tick them.

On Being a BC Partner…

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

At the risk of sounding crude here, um doh, the commission! :) I feel the Partner Program is extremely well thought out. Commissions are stated clearly, we have a few resellers and we get to see commissions from them build up, it’s pretty sweetly automated. The partner care team is amazing, always getting back to us with any questions super fast. Its convenient to log in to the partner portal, watch commissions grow, add new sites, have a list of customers that we have on BC handy in one place, view training videos and download partner related documents.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

It’s the best thing we’ve done since purchasing headphones for our sales person who listens to Barry Manilow. But seriously, we’re glad we found BC, if you’re a designer reading this, stop stuffing around trying to find a CMS solution, we’ve looked around for years and you’re not going to find anything as in-depth, well thought out, progressive and affordable.

Stay away from custom programming if you can help it, its not good for your clients (takes ages to build, sticky to project manage and expensive). Custom programming will take up so much of your time, you’ll end up project managing, trying to understand programmers, and hardly have time to design.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

We’ve traditionally worked with SME’s. One of the toughest challenges to brand these companies successfully is limited budgets. When we were working with programming companies on custom jobs, it often meant huge costs when it came to the technology that went behind websites, it left very little of our client’s budgets towards print design (logos, brochures and other promotional items).

Since using BC, we’ve been able to grow by offering a fuller service at reasonable prices. The traditional 30k price tag to build a database is more like 6k now, there is budget leftover to make sure our clients are not just spending on a website and neglecting other areas where they should be advertising and promoting themselves. BC allows us to be a full service brand agency, championing small businesses by giving them the same tools and branding the big boys enjoy, for a much smaller price tag.

One module in BC, Web Apps, has been a favorite in terms of winning us jobs we would have otherwise not gotten. Web Apps allows us to create custom databases. For example if you are a boat brokerage and need to showcase a list of your boats on your website, we’d use Web Apps to build you a boating catalog online and add a search tool so people can look for your boats by price or brand. You would then log in to your admin area, upload images of your boats, type in your boat specs, hit save and ta-da your changes would be made live (www.allboat.co.nz)

We’ve used Web Apps for a multitude of things (real estate rental databases, complex program lists for schools, productivity management systems, job listings for recruitment agencies etc). Some of these databases were built in 2 weeks when it traditionally takes 6 months, we charged our clients a fraction of what they would be charged if they had a custom job done AND its so easy for them to maintain these online catalogs (pretty much like filling out a form) On many occasions, we’ve gotten jobs based on this one powerful module!

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…

  • #Sy Social Media Consultancy

    #Sy is a Social Media consultancy, they are naturally very active on twitter and facebook. Traditionally Social Media enthusiasts and experts alike absolutely love and use a barrage of free social media tools, then hook it all up to a blog tool like wordpress, so it was a huge thing convincing them to power their new website with BC. What sold them was the fact that we could build very precise little apps (using web apps) to help them engage with their viewers. Stage two of the website will utilize web apps to create a twitter directory. You could use twitter lists for that but twitter lists are a one trick pony compared to the nimble web apps which will give them an intuitive directory for searches based on people on twitter by location, topics of interest etc. At the moment we use web apps on their events and workshops page (which will accept payments online) and on the homepage to highlight conversations. We think of it as engaging tailor-made apps.

  • Residential Rentals

    We were commissioned to brand and build Residential Rentals new website. Prior to this, they weren’t able to upload new rental properties and their old website was never up to date. We built them a database using Web Apps, they now frequently update their site with rental properties and have been able to refer clients to the website which has become a huge means of advertising their properties for rent. We customized the Web App module slightly to make it super easy for people to look for rental properties.

  • Parker Bridge

    We built this recruitment agency a job listing database using Web Apps. Prior to this, they were advertising all jobs on SEEK online. Being able to add and categorize jobs on their own website gave them a lot more freedom and ended up saving them a lot on advertising. The website was well received by job seekers. Parker Bridge updates all aspects of their website including adding new pages and campaigns on their own with BC. They’re happy!

Thank you, Joi! You can find out more about Joi Design and what their clients had to say about their work at joidesign.com