“Developing on Business Catalyst is easy it is a well supported platform that is a pleasure to work with, compared to previous complicated systems that were difficult, cumbersome and time consuming.”

Paul Faix, Fortix
Partner since 2006, 39 Sites with BC

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

Fortix clients love that we use Business Catalyst because they feel in control over their own website. They do not need to constantly hand over to a 3rd party to make small changes or manage their online marketing. They enjoy being able to learn at their own pace how to manage & utilize all that Business Catalyst offers, along with the full support of Fortix, our clients know that there are no limitations to their online business plans.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

Developing on Business Catalyst is easy - it is a well supported platform that is a pleasure to work with compared to previous complicated systems that were difficult, cumbersome and time consuming. With Business Catalyst, developing a website takes less time and provides websites only limited by our client’s imagination.

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

Business Catalyst is different to other systems in the range and depth of the products they offer and the support for both Fortix and our clients. The live demo’s are a great marketing tool for Fortix as they allow potential clients to experience the strengths of Business Catalyst as compared to other systems, giving the client in depth information in an easy to understand format.

On Being a BC Partner…

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

The powerful customer database management tools allow Fortix clients to utilize their customer designed freedom systems to the full, by the clever way that Business Catalyst collect and records sales data, allowing clients to understand their customers and make better business decisions.

The powerful training videos and support allows clients to create their own customized marketing campaign without the cost of external programmers. Making content changes quickly and easily in house, with the backup of Fortix’s personalized and fully accountable support services.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

Fortix is very happy to be associated with Business Catalyst, the partnership we have formed with Business Catalyst has allowed Fortix to expand our business and improve the online marketing experience of our customers.

By integrating Business Catalysts powerful products with Fortix Freedom Systems we are able to create powerful websites and online shops that require minimum maintenance and can be managed very easily by our clients. Fortix Freedom Business Systems and Business Catalyst create one simple solution that automates repetitive tasks and streamline routines, creating the ultimate online business solution.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

We are very grateful for the referrals that Business Catalyst has passed onto Fortix to integrate Business Catalyst into individual company systems; these referrals have helped develop Fortix into a recognized name for creating affordable automated systems that improve customer’s business efficiency.

Through the rebranding that Business Catalyst allows Fortix to do with their products Fortix Freedom Business Systems have become a recognized brand for creating freedom and efficiency, in a wide range of businesses.

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…

  • Law Society of Western Australia

    We were approached by Law Society to re-develop new website that will meet their needs. Law society is premier membership organization for lawyers and associated industries. They were seeking a site they could manage by themselves, enabling them to control content through workflows and create their own registration forms connected to the credit card payment processing. In addition we have developed Fortix Freedom Link – integration to their own members management software that automatically updates members’ details in BC. One more requirement worth mentioning is automatic email sent to them on a daily basis providing details of all clients and orders made online during the day with details attached in XLS file.

  • Integrity Builders

    A premier building company in WA seeking to project their excellent and passionate work online for potential clients. We have been working with them on the marketing strategy and ways to make site personal and friendly. We decided to put Blog on the main page as an integration part of whole site.

    Additionally we came up with the strategy to fill the database by potential prospects registering for inner circle, behind the scenes tour and talk to owners. The site has been well received and exceeded owner’s expectations.

  • Astute Promotions

    WA based promotional company specializing in sales of wide range of promotional products. This project is a combination of best BC features and custom functionality to manage huge range of products and services offered. The main benefit of this site is live integration to TNT for delivery quotes and really custom product pricing. In addition, smart logic behind the scenes is serving matching products and alternative products without the need to create product relationships in the back end. On color change, matching products are reloaded. It is so much fun to browse – have a look.

Thank you, Paul! You can find out more about Fortix and what their clients had to say about their work at fortix.com